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Massey Ferguson Commissions New Tractor

An engineer with Massey Ferguson in the UK has successfully completed training and commissioning on a new 4WD Agricultural Tractor recently delivered to the Public Works Department in St Kitts.

This MF470CX-412, 120HP Diesel tractor will be used mainly with two accessories, also recently delivered - the Bomford: HAWK EVO 6M Flail Head Mower and RS18 Rotary Slasher.

These two pieces of equipment will be used by the PWD in keeping their roadsides and open lots clear of grass and shrubs.

The PWD employees received on-site training in operations, safety and workshop maintenance both for the tractor and the Bomford units. Over the course of the week, the engineer ensured that all personnel were familiar with the equipment they were being trained on and was available to answer any queries they had. With a few minor glitches and the resources to fix them immediately, the team then left the workshop site and headed to the grass fields where they were able to successfully operate the equipment under supervision of the engineer and in a normal working environment.



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