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Quarrying + Construction


NSG has a very long association with the quarrying and construction industries throughout the Caribbean, supplying and commissioning heavy equipment and various types of plants such as Asphalt, Rock Crushing and Concrete Plants.  We also supply Explosive Emulsions, Accessories and Ammonium Nitrate throughout the region.  We have strong connections with the building construction industry, where we supply concrete mixers, generators, pipes, cables, sanitary-ware and other goods.

Asphalt Plants

Building Supplies

Concrete Plants

Crushing Plants

Heavy Equipment


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Asphalt Plants

NSG has delivered many complete plants over the last 30 years to clients in both the public and private sector.  These have included both drum and batch types.

Given the relatively short production runs and the great variations in moisture content we tend to recommend Batch production rather than Drum but each situation is unique.  Choosing the size and type of plant and what will best suit a particular situation requires a deep understanding of the factors that determine the final specification.

NSG brings the relevant practical experience to assist a client in its final selection.  Having selected a plant we can also take responsibility for shipping, erection, on- site commissioning and training – a full turnkey solution.  Lacking the requisite knowledge of local market conditions, many suppliers are reluctant to take on these tasks.


Building Supplies

Some of our biggest sellers at NSG are concrete mixers and generators for smaller scale construction.   

We have supplied a variety of equipment for the construction and refurbishment of schools and hotels-most recently in Barbados and St Vincent.

Other examples of construction material supplied:

Electric Cable and Electrical Fittings

Fire Extinguishers

Manhole Covers

Pipes and Fittings, Galvanised Column Supports, Drainage Fittings

Sanitaryware - including Armiatage Shanks and Ideal Standard


Concrete Plants

With increasing emphasis on improved building standards in an area prone to Hurricanes and Earthquakes, the need for higher quality concrete becomes more pressing.  Engineers are demanding closer control of the specifications and strength of the concrete supplied to projects. 


It is not always well understood that the cost of discarding material that does not reach the required strength can be a big cost to the supplier.  NSG factors these considerations in to the equation and is able to assist its clients in arriving at the right solution. Getting the specification right first time is our objective and we work closely with suppliers and clients to ensure that what is delivered will meet the needs of the customers.

We can produce a tailored package which may include mixer trucks, storage silos and long term technical support.  NSG does not believe in delivering a plant and leaving it to the client to understand how to operate it.  Where necessary expert personnel can be supplied to set up the plant, establish the right blend of raw materials and feed the data in to the computer.


Crushing Plants

More than 20 plants have been installed by NSG in the wider Caribbean, from Barbados, to Montserrat, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tobago to name but a few.  Each one has been a bespoke solution to the client’s requirements.

Rarely are two crushing packages identical.  Many factors need to be taken in to consideration.  The output required and the number and size of the aggregate demanded by the customers, the type of rock – its composition and hardness.  Other factors that must be weighed in the balance include the equipment already on site, how will the crusher be loaded, with what type of vehicle or piece of plant. Understanding the impact of these various factors needs to be fully appreciated before a clear picture emerges of what is the ideal set up.  NSG brings its collective experience to bear to assist the client to arrive at the best solution.

Handling such large pieces of machinery also requires considerable logistical knowledge.  Transportation to sites can be difficult and in the past has required an innovative approach including chartering vessels, barging equipment to a beach and hauling it over the sand, strengthening bridges and widening roads.  Knowing the territory and the local infrastructure simplifies the issue and allows cost effective solutions to be factored in to the package.


Heavy Equipment

Identifying the most appropriate technology for use in the construction industry is vital in the drive to remain competitive and deliver the maximum levels of productivity. Keeping abreast of changes is also more difficult when the day to day focus is on facing the daily challenges in this sector of the economy.  NSG provides a ‘one stop’ solution.

NSG uses its extensive knowledge base to assist clients in procuring the right piece of equipment at the most competitive price. We have worked with most of the world’s largest manufacturers and developed relationship based on trust and good business practice.  All this translates in to a working relationship that allows us to deliver on time and on budget.  For the end user we can remove the logistical problems of sourcing and shipping to any corner of the West Indies.

As part of our service we can also provide an initial stock of spares and continue to provide on-going support to help ensure the highest level of availability.  Where necessary we can arrange on site training and commissioning.

Most manufacturers are now turning to full electronic control of engines and systems.  This usually necessitates the acquisition of the diagnostic software and the computer to run it.  Often this is only made available via an authorised dealer but NSG is can usually address this issue and include these components as part of the total package.  More critically is the question of identifying whether the engine can cope with the quality of fuel available in many of the islands.  Failure to factor this in to the specification can lead to premature failure of the engine and very high repair costs.

Feel free to contact us for a quote on your immediate requirements.



Orica Mining Services

NSG are the representatives for ORICA Mining Servicesfor Explosives and Accessories for many countries in the Caribbean - Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guadalupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Martin, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, US Virgin Islands.

Together we supply the quarrying industry with explosives for contruction and road building projects.  We have an engineer who can assist with any technical matters related to the explosives products and blasting techniques.


Our supply list includes, but is not limited to:

Emulsion Explosives

Bulk Emulsion Blends

Packed ANFO

Ammonium Nitrate - Porous Prill 

Detonating Cords

Electric Detonators

Non-Electric Shock Tube Detonators


Orica have a dedicated charter vessel that calls at ports every two months.

For more information on Orica and it's produvts and services, please visit read this Article.

You can also call or email us for a full list of Orica Products & Services or any additional information you may require.


Yara International

NSG also supplies Ammonium Nitrate - Porous Prills through it's partner Yara International.  Based in Cöping, Sweden, Yara supplies its AN conveniently packaged in 25kg bags.  Shipping for Yara products are on standard shipping lines out of Europe.


Accessories and Specialty Tools

At NSG we also supply accessories and specialty tools for the Blasting Industry through our suppliers in the US, UK and Europe.  Items such as Shock Tube Ignitors, Knives, and other Blasting Tools are available from stock at the suppliers.  Please call or email us your query.

Building Supplies
Asphalt Plants
Concrete Plants
Crushing Plants
Heavy Equipment
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