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Make a Warranty Claim

Report a consignment received damaged or incomplete

Order Spare Parts

Make a payment to NSG

Find a VIN number

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Incoterms 2011

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Make a Warranty Claim

The Warranty period and terms for each piece of equipment supplied will be itemised on the Invoice, as well as on the Acceptance Certificate and After Sales Information document issued at the handover.

If a problem arises, NSG will liaise with the supplier to ensure that corrective action is taken as quickly as possible.

In the event of any problem, immediately notify our After Sales Support by completing the Warranty Claim Form and email it to us.

When the Warranty period is expiring, NSG will contact you to confirm this, so that any issue arising during this time is dealt with under the Warranty Terms.


Report a consignment received damaged or incomplete

In the event that a consignment (or part) is missing, damaged or appears to have suffered any pilferage or is generally not as stated on the description detailed on the ‘Bill of Lading or Waybill’ you must action the following :

Notify the NSG by email and action the following:

  • Take digital photographs
  • Retain the original packing material

  • Obtain any supporting documentation or discrepancy certification

  • Where necessary arrange for independent verification by an insurance assessor to inspect the consignment.

  • Take witness statements if possible

  • Safeguard all relevant information in a secure place for future reference

Failure to take appropriate and timely action may compromise our ability to pursue a claim on your behalf with the supplier, carrier or insurance company.


Order Spare Parts

NSG trusts your equipment will give many years of trouble-free service, but from time to time you will need spares and we hope you will give NSG an opportunity to supply these. 

If you require any parts or service items please send us email.

Always try to quote our order number found in your original paperwork (either SOxxxxx or INVxxxxx).  This helps us to quickly identify the equipment or vehicle you are referring to.

We will also be pleased to quote for any other parts required for plant, machinery or equipment that you may own, whether or not it was supplied by NSG.

Make a Payment to NSG

Payment is made to NSG Exports in London, UK unless otherwise stated. 

Payment due dates and bank information is detailed under ‘Payment Terms’ of each NSG Quote, Order Acknowledgement and/or Invoice, as well as on the accompanying Letter (attached to your invoice).

Wire transfers and cheques/drafts are accepted, but unfortunately, we cannot process Credit Card payments.

If you wish to confirm any of these details, please ask your contact at NSG or email us.

Find a VIN Number or Serial Number

The identifying numbers are usually on the chassis or unit and help expedite your requests for Warranty issues and spare parts, no matter when the equipment or vehicle was supplied.

The VIN and Serial Numbers of all equipment shipped by NSG is noted on the Invoice under the ‘Goods Description’ and is also recorded on the ‘Acceptance Certificate’ and ‘After Sales Information’ documents.  NSG also holds this information on file.

Caribbean Public Holidays

 Full list of Public Holidays throughout the Caribbean


Incoterms 2011

Any Mode Transport:

EXW – Ex Works (named place of delivery)

FCA – Free Carrier (named place of delivery)

CPT – Carriage Paid To (named place of destination)

CIP – Carriage and Insurance Paid to (named place of destination)

DAT – Delivered at Terminal (named terminal at port or place of destination)

DAP – Delivered at Place (named place of destination)

DDP – Delivered Duty Paid (named place of destination)

Sea and Inland Waterway Transport:

FAS – Free Alongside Ship (named port of shipment)

FOB – Free on Board (named port of shipment)

CFR – Cost and Freight (named port of destination)

CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight (named port of destination)

Conversion Charts

Water Pipe Conversion

Currency Conversion

Weights and Measurements Conversion

Package Tracking

For FedEx tracking please visit their web site

For UPS tracking please visit their web site

For tracking of containers please contact NSG for details