johnston-stock-8Beam is the world's leading manufacturer of specialist sweepers and high pressure washing equipment. They have in excess of 2000 machines in service with airports and contractors worldwide.  These applications include rubber removal, stand cleaning, high speed runway sweeping, high performance cleansing of motor racing circuits, road construction, tram track cleaning, tunnel washing and porous asphalt cleaning.

Sold through the industry's strongest network of distributors such as NSG, Beam products are in use with customers worldwide including Barbados, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Libya, Russia, Nigeria, USA, South Africa and every country in Europe.

NSG supplied a Beam Hopper A8000 Stainless Steel Truck Mounted Sweeper to GAIA in 2010.  Please read more about the GAIA Sweeper project.


Phoenix Transworld Ltd. is a British company dedicated to the design, manufacture and service of advanced asphalt mixing plants.

In 2007 it acquired the renowned Parker Plant Limited.  Cartem and Universal Conveyors have also been absorbed into this one company, giving it a world-leading breadth of knowledge and expertise in the field.

Phoenix offer mobile, modular and fixed asphalt plants with a variety of outputs to suit any requirement.

Mobile models are recommended for airport surfacing and motorway construction projects, for example, as they need minimal foundations and are more easily transported.

A Phoenix RoadStar 1500 was procured by NSG for Studley Park Quarry in Tobago as part of its redevelopment.  The same model was supplied to Rayside Construction Limited in Barbados and to the PWD in Antigua, through its dealer Hadeed Motors.  On this particular project, NSG also arranged the Procurement and Financing.

The RoadStar 1500 is a 120tph Mobile Asphalt Plant and is a highly efficient Asphalt Mixing Plant capable of producing a wide range of mixes to world standards.

Installation and commissioning is arranged so that the equipment is up and running as quickly as possible.  Spare parts are quickly despatched to ensure there is no disruption to production.  

For more information on Phoenix Transworld Ltd., please visit their website.

For more information on the Studley Park Quarry, please read their Article.



The Liebherr Group is a large German-based equipment manufacturer with 8.4 billion euros in revenue for 2008.  It has a workforce of 32,091 and comprises more than 100 companies.   The Liebherr Group’s holding company is Liebherr-International AG in Bulle, Switzerland, which is entirely owned by members of the Liebherr family.  It was the world's largest crane company as of 2007.

Liebherr specilaises in the maufacturing of earthmovers and materials handlers, mining and quarrying machinery, huge range of tower and mobile cranes and ancillary equipment.  Its products have a world-wide reputation for quality, engineering and durability.

NSG recommended Liebherr Concrete Mixer trucks for Studley Park Quarry project in Tobago and we still supply spares for equipment sold many years ago.

NSG has supplied Barbados Port Inc with its 104 tonne capacity Moblie Harbour Crane (LHM 320) in 2000.  Most recently NSG supplied a relacement engine for this unit.

NSG also supplied LHM 320 machines to the ports in St Lucia and Antigua.

For more information on the Studley Park Quarry, please read our article.

For more information on Liebherr, please visit their website.


NSG, along with the Tobago House of Assembly, was instrumental in bringing the first class operation of a Fast Ferry service to Trinidad and Tobago in 2004.  Along with Incat, the ships' manufacturers, and Bay Ferries our operational partner, NSG launched the transformig service with a HSC vessel, THE CAT.

In December 2004 THE CAT sailed its inaugural voyage between Port of Spain and Scarborough in Trinidad and Tobago.

The service now consists of two catamaran Fast Ferries - the T&T Express and T&T Spirit.  These ferries carry passengers between Trinidad and Tobago on daily sailings ranging from 4-8> sailings everyday. 

The T&T Express, an Incat 046, is 91m long and is capable of holding 762 passengers and 240 vehicles and travels at 43knots.  The T&T Spirit is slightly bigger vessel at 98m long and has the capacity to hold 900 passengers and 267 vehicles and travels around the same speed as the T&T Express.  Approximately 6,000 people commute daily using these ferries, with figures rising during Carnival and peak holiday times.  It takes 2.5 hours (sometimes less) to make the 85 nautical mile (98 miles) journey from Port of Spain to Scarborough and vice versa.

Sitting at the cutting edge of environmentally friendly craft, Incat provides optimal lightweight ship solutions for ferry operators, special service providers and militaries.  From fast flexible and efficient vehicle-passenger ferries to high-speed military support vessels, crew ships and dynamic platforms, Incat sets the global benchmark in aluminium ship technology.

With the continuing emphasis on eco operations and fuel efficiency Incat has continued to develop the breed with lightweight, environmentally friendly fuel-efficient ships carrying heavier vehicle loads than ever before and at the lowest operational costs.

Incat’s shipyard is on Prince of Wales Bay at Derwent Park near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The facility incorporates more than 70,000 m2 of undercover production halls.

For more information on Incat, please visit their website.

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