"Right first time, on time, every time, at a competitive cost"

The NSG Group of Companies was founded in 1971 and provides a range of services tailored to different sectors of the economy, both in the public and private domains.  From the outset we were determined to offer a professional procurement service using our international connections and purchasing power.  Our aim is to deliver a quality competitive service based on ‘getting it right first time’.

Our head office is NSG Exports and is registered in London UK while its sister companies - NSG West Indies and NSG Management and Technical Services are registered in Barbados.  For Over 40 years NSG has diversified in to many fields but remains deeply committed to the Caribbean, a fact highlighted by the decision to move the centre of its operations to Barbados in 2006.  

Our major activities can be summarised as:

  • Project Management - with a focus on Transport and Infrastructural solutions
  • Procurement and Financing of Capital Equipment, Goods and Services
  • Supplier Credit Packages
  • After Sales Support and Training
  • Spare Parts Service
  • Consultancy for client representation

The nature and extent of the services offered is tailored to the Client’s particular needs. NSG is able to take full responsibility for specification, procurement & expediting.

NSG has in-house expertise in Consultancy, Engineering, Finance, Procurement, Shipping & Logistics and After Sales Support.

Our team remains in close contact with our customer base and we maintain a partnership philosophy with our clients to ensure on time delivery and success of the project life span.  We are proud of our 40 year record of achievements, meeting deadlines within budget and ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Procurement and the associated logistics are still a core part of our business but the knowledge we have gained over the years has allowed the group to extend its reach in to consultancy, project development and finance. 

This website is designed to capture the essence of who we are and what we do.  Feel free to explore and contact us if you want to learn more about our capabilities.


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Stephen R Hobson
+1 246 266 8181
Lisa Carrillo
Office Manager - Barbados
+1 246 256 9446
Shara Graham
Sales - Barbados
+1 246 231-8160
Lecent Headley
Accounts - Barbados
+1 246 234-9401
Fiona Smith
Office Administrator - UK
+44 (0) 20 8799 2333
Ian Fields
Bridge Consultant
+1 246 256 9446
Mike Evans
Senior Project Manager - Dominica
+1 767 613 5435
Janet Hobson
+44 (0) 20 8799 2325