The Barbados Coast Guard accepted delivery of its third Damen Stan 4207 patrol vessel, the flagship HMBS TRIDENT, in 2008 at their new Headquarters HMBS PELICAN.  

The delivery was the final part of US$37 million package that included two other vessels of similar class, three 40-meter long range fast patrol boats, two 40-footers and three 21-foot in-shore patrol craft.

The Government of Barbados had taken the bold step of acquiring the necessary resources to safeguard its own security without reliance on international agencies.  NSG was engaged as a consultant and tasked with identifying the most appropriate technology to meet this goal.  Having done so the remit was extended to include the procurement and financing of the equipment required for the land forces.  This first phase was undertaken in 1999/2000 and was completed on time and to budget. 

In the second phase, NSG worked closely with the Barbados Coast Guard to identify the most appropriate technology that would restore its capabilities.  As an island Barbados must have the resources to provide that critical first line of security and capability along its coastline.

Having established precisely what resources were necessary NSG undertook research to identify the shipyard that could deliver the proven technology that would meet the full scope of supply.  The DAMEN Shipyard Group was selected having demonstrated its capabilities with orders secured from the UK Customs and Excise and more closer to home from the Jamaica Defence Force.  A key factor in the final decision was after sales support.  Assets that will be in service for more than 20 years require the long term maintenance and the resources a company with the necessary reputation for build quality and engineering capability.  DAMEN has a proven track record in this regard.

The contract was placed in late December 2006 and within 7 months the first vessel was delivered.  In a two year programme the Coast Guard took delivery of three Damen Stan 4207 patrol vessels, the HMBS LEONARD C. BANFIELD, HMBS RUDYARD LEWIS and HMBS TRIDENT.

Named after the Barbados Defence Force's (BDF) first Chief-of-Staff Colonel Leonard Banfield, the first vessel arrived at the new Coast Guard's headquarters on Spring Garden, St. Michael, HMBS PELICAN. 

At the time the Base Commander Ricky Shurland stated. "This vessel is a significant addition to the Coast Guard's flotilla and it is expected that it will significantly assist in the safety and security of the waters around Barbados".  HMBS LEONARD C. BANFIELD and HMBS PELICAN were commissioned in a ceremony on September 14, 2007.