NSG has played a key role in the development of the Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent, providing professional services to the airport authority, the International Airport Development Company (IADC).

Over the last 6 years NSG has specified, sourced and installed over EC$57M of construction and capital equipment delivering on time and within budget.

parker plant iadcDuring the construction phase of the airport, NSG has been heavily involved in key productivity and quality control issues by supplying and commissioning a concrete production plant, a crushing plant, asphalt plant and asphalt finishing equipment. For fitting out of the airport and terminal building, NSG has sourced vital equipment for the control tower, fire trucks, passenger boarding bridges and most recently the baggage handling systems.

The Argyle International Airport is being built on a new 275-acre site, supporting a 2,743m (9,000 feet) paved runway; this runway and airport has been designed to accommodate jets as large as the Boeing 747-400s. 
The terminal building will have about 13,470m2 of floor space, and able to accommodate about 1.4 million passengers per year.



aerial view iadc

The development of this ambitious new airport has been made possible through grant funds and pledges from a diverse group of countries, including the Republic of Cuba, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Austria, Malaysia, Turkey and Iran, together with funding from the World Bank.

Other procurement, supply and commissioning projects in the region include the Government of the Bahamas for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, SBRC waste transfer station in Barbados, Studley Park for the Tobago House of Assembly, capital equipment for the Public Works Department for St Kitts Government.

May 2014